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High Impact Learning –the Human Side of Business


We curate a global network of experienced leadership coaches and consultants to meet the needs of our clients in terms of expertise, location and professional experience.

We bring more than 20 years of coaching and consulting experience, working with global organisations to bring about sustainable change. We support and challenge our clients at an individual, team and organisational level.

Prof. Dr. Carola Hieker

As a trained banker and business psychologist Carola possess more than 25 years of experience in leadership development and senior executive coaching. 

Carola founded HILCoaching in 2000 and established, with her team over the years, a global presence to develop senior leaders through coaching, facilitation and training. Having always been passionate about the importance of diversity in leadership teams she co-founded diversity-in-leadership in 2012.

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Gerry Brannan

Gerry has a background in line management, with major international businesses, and management consulting with Deloitte and Cap Gemini, working globally and across industries.  He led a European consulting division while at Cap Gemini.

He has focussed on leadership development and Executive Coaching since 2002 and has worked with many leading UK, US and Continental European businesses.

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Our Clients

"Carola's coaching really made a difference compared to all other trainings and programmes I have enjoyed so far. It is fair to say that she had quite some impact on my career development and many little skills she trained me on I still benefit from in my day-to-day work."

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank AG

"Working with Gerry was enjoyable, challenging and ultimately beneficial.  In a friendly way he pushed me to go outside my comfort zones without ever being confrontational.  He really got me to think in a different way and approach issues with a different mind-set."

Managing Director, Barclays

Examples of Projects

Developing the Next Generation of Senior Leaders

We designed and facilitated a programme for more than 60 new partners with our client. A mix of group coaching, one-to-one coaching and thought-leading speakers accelerated the new partners learning and created awareness of what it means to be an authentic and inspiring leader. Also, insightful reflection in the plenary sessions helped the future senior leaders to build strong bonds and recognize key drivers for strategic change.

Motivating your Team Through Transparent Communication

Following a 3 month coaching intervention for the COO of a mid-sized cosmetic company, the results of interview-based 360-degree feedback showed that the team wanted more information about upcoming changes. Through the coaching, the COO learned to be more transparent in his communication and honest about what he could not disclose.

Creating a Safe Space for Critical Voices

The newly appointed head of a major division in a global utility company needed support with his new team. Through the team coaching process we addressed current conflicts and gave space for individual concerns. By providing the opportunity to challenge assumptions, trust was established and a safe space for critical voices created.

Other Activities



Coaching for executives facing career and life transitions.
American University in Richmond

Academic Work

Carola as an Associate Professor and Gerry as a guest speaker are actively involved in teaching MBA students .
ashoka, Hogan Insight, Hogan HPI, Hogan HDS

Social Responsibility

Carola supervises the Ashoka UK team and  coaches and advises small business owners to find their niche.
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